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Do you have a problem?

Help us to help you.

If you have a question or problem with our software then please provide us with as much data as you can.

  1. We will need to know:
  • your name or company name.
  • the unique serial number from the About dialog of your registered copy of GASolver.
  • a description of the problem.
  • a description of the conditions under which the problem appeared.
  1. If possible we would also like a copy of:
  • the dataset that you were using at the time, i.e. the Excel spreadsheet *.XLS file.
  • the GASolver settings file, i.e. the *.TXT file that you may have saved your GASolver settings to.
  1. EMail your data to:


Any questions or comments about this site or page should be addressed to gasolver@yearstretch.com

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