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GASolver Details

A Taste of the Major Features


GASolver is the automated genetic algorithm solver add-in for MS-Excel spreadsheets.


Key Benefits
  • will always find the best solution given sufficient time.
  • solves large scale multi-variable problems.
  • ignores local minima, or false, solutions that normal linear solvers may get stuck on.
  • works within industry standard MS-Excel spreadsheets as a standard reusable MS-Excel Add-In module.
  • easy to use
  • automatic unattended operation

Standard MS-Excel Add-In

Single main dialog interface

Genetic and Calculation Options

Input Range Generation

Constrained Solutions

Goal Seeking

Solution Progress

Result Notification


Pre-Packaged Solver

Yearstretch also create specific genetic algorithm powered solutions wrapped in an end user program that can be distributed to your own clients or to staff within your own organisation. For more details see the Pre-Packaged Solution Finder


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